Clay Brick Paving for Residential Landscaping Projects

Duration: 2 day course

Course Objectives

  • A comprehension of H&S, HSE, and CDM regulations and procedures required prior to starting on site
  • In-depth product knowledge of clay brick paving
  • Demonstration of sub-bases and installation recommendations in accordance with industry guidelines
  • Training in fall rates including considerations required for clay brick paving in accordance with industry guidelines or suppliers recommendations
  • Construction of suitable edge restraints
  • Training in mortars, primers and adhesives in accordance with industry guidelines
  • Practical experience of laying clay brick paving and various pattern options
  • Marking out and cutting of paving safely in line with industry and HSE regulations
  • Understanding of jointing widths and compounds in accordance with industry guidelines

Learning Outcomes

  • To gain the necessary skill and confidence to competently and safely prepare and install clay brick paving in the residential market, to be compliant with all Health & Safety regulations and industry guidelines